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    Skyscan Company Profile

    Skyscan is the husband and wife partnership of Brenda and Andy Marks based at their home/office north of Cheltenham in the Cotswolds.

    Established in 1984, they have photographed Britain from the air using an innovative tethered balloon borne platform on which is mounted a remotely controlled camera system with feed down through the cable to a TV monitor in the ground vehicle, a Land Rover, enabling the pictures to be framed as required.

    With this highly manoeuvrable system they have built up a large aerial photolibrary over twenty-five years and completed several book projects as Authors as well as supplying aerial photographs to all sectors of the publishing, advertising and media industries.

    Since 1997 Skyscan have represented many other aerial and aviation photographers, supplying and licensing their photographs through the Skyscan Photolibrary. These photographers use a variety of aerial platforms to capture their imagery and Skyscan organise photographic commissions for their clients from masts, helicopters, planes, tethered balloons, hot air balloons, microlights and even satellites

    Old air photos of the UK

    In 1997 Skyscan developed a service to locate and supply historic aerial photographs of the UK using their extensive knowledge of the industry to search out old air photos for their clients. There are millions of aerial photographs captured over several decades residing around the country in the storage facilities of different surveying companies.
    Skyscan have the knowledge to search through these survey records to locate suitable photos for their clients.

    As an extension of this service, the opportunities arose in 2008 and 2009 to acquire the large and important historic aerial archives of the London Aerial and Chorley Handford/ Realistic companies who were prominent in the UK aerial photography business from 1958 to recent times. Over 250,000 negatives and prints from these archives are currently being scanned and catalogued into a computerised system for online searching. Further details can be found by following the links.

    Tube Transport and the Hyperloop

    In August 2013, billionnaire innovator Elon Musk will announce his concept for a Tube Transport system or 'Hyperloop' which aims to produce cost effective, eco friendly and high speed transportation links using pods in specially constructed tubes operating in a vaccuum or pressurised system. Skyscan's partner and photographer Andy Marks has long been fascinated by the concept and has produced his own design for a pressurised system based on ideas developed over a twenty year period. These can be found at the links below.

    With a gathering momentum of Tube Transport converts, we at Skyscan hope to see this become a reality in our lifetime and give our support to such enterprises.

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