The Specialist Source

One phone call, one search fee - access to more than a MILLION images

The Specialist Source is a group of independant photolibraries each a specialist in their chosen field.

We work together to offer clients a range of subject matter usually associated with large, general stock photolibraries

BUT having the benefit of the specialist's knowledge, expertise and images.


Any member can be contacted and will forward the picture search to other members.

They will be the Contact Library and will - for the convenience of clients - provide a single point of contact for negotiations.


Chris BONINGTON Mountain Library mountaineering
Sylvia CORDAIY Photo Library Worldwide travel, wildlife, livestock, pets U.K. & specialist collections
ECOSCENE environmental concerns
GALAXY astronomy, space
Leslie GARLAND Picture Library Northern Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Sciences & Engineering
GEOSCIENCE Features earth sciences
David HOFFMAN social issues, disorder, environment
ICCE wildlife, conservation, environment worldwide
David NOBLE UK, USA, Europe, landscapes, travel
PAPILIO natural history, travel
Sylvia PITCHER music, USA
PREMAPHOTOS Wildlife natural history, invertebrates, plants
SKYSCAN aerial, aviation, aerial sports
STOCK SHOT skiing, adventure sports
Rick TOMLINSON yacht racing, marine, wildlife
Barbara TOTTERDELL volleyball
TRAVEL INK worldwide travel
TRH PICTURES aviation, defence, space, transport
John WALMSLEY education
Janine WIEDEL social documentary